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ln June 2020, our dream came true. We opened our Fügefa Apartment House in Balatonalmádi, located on the northern shore of Lake Balaton, in a quiet, calm, fabulous area, with a wonderful panoramic view of Lake Balaton. The single home has 3 apartments with separate entrances. Each has 4 beds, extra beds and windows overlooking Lake Balaton. Plenty of sights await the vacationers e.g.: Veszprém, Balatonfüred, Tihany, Balatonfűzfő. The sights, sports areas, three beaches, and hiking trails of Balatonalmádi offer numerous recreational opportunities. Lovers of the hustle and bustle of Lake Balaton can easily reach the city center on a short walk, where a wide range of restaurants, patisseries and cozy seating areas await visitors.

Domján Ivett // administrator


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Káptalanfüredi Nagystrand
The beach in the western part of Balatonalmádi awaits its guests with a beautified exterior, a new playground, a volleyball court, a sun terrace, a small football field and quality services.

Káptalanfüredi Kistrand
For those who like tranquility, it is a small, friendly beach with a hot kitchen buffet, a water block, a beach volleyball court, a swing and a climbing frame in the western part of Balatonalmádi.

Budatava Strand
The municipal beach of Balatonalmádi is popular with those who want a peaceful bath. Familiar, shady, well-kept beach in the eastern part of Balatonalmádi, along the Balaton cycle path.

Wesselényi Strand
Wesselényi Beach is the largest beach in Balatonalmádi, which is suitable for both family swimmers and fans of active swimming.

Nereus Strand
The family-run Nereus Beach offers shady trees and a wide range of facilities. 

You can find information about the current programme offerings in Balatonalmádi at the following places:

Balatonalmádi Turisztikai Egyesület
Balatonalmádi Hivatalos Honlapja

"The rich variety of fish from Lake Balaton, the vegetables and fruits ripened in the sparkling sun and the wildlife of the surrounding forests guarantee the magical world of flavours of Balatonalmádi's gastronomy."

Balatonalmádi Turisztikai Egyesület
Balatonalmádi Hivatalos Honlapja  

Our services

The accommodation offers the following facilities


Flat screen televison

Free Wifi

Free internet accessibility

Air conditioning

Air-conditioned accommodation with heating


For safe storage of valuables or money

Charging station

Electric car charging station

Bed linen

Providing clean bed linen

The lookout point was built on the former vineyard hill of Balatonalmádi, made of red sandstone in the 1900s. Its beamed frame, tiled roof was reconstructed in the early 1990s based on old photographs, but in a simpler shape. At one time it was called the Wesselényi Lookout Tower. The lookout was named after Dr. Ferenc Óvári. 

VasútARTjáró was inaugurated in 2013, when artists from Balatonalmádi and from here decorated the underpass with oil paintings, digital photos, graphics and watercolours. The aim of the exhibition, which will be renewed every six months, is to show the work of talented local artists to as many people as possible.

Built in 1935 of Perm red stone, the 298-metre-high lookout tower offers a magnificent view of Lake Balaton, the Bakony and the Balaton highlands.

If you want to get to know Balatonalmádi better, you should definitely walk the Red Sandstone Trail, a 6 km long city tour that brings Almádi's past and present to life, as well as most of the town's sights.

The history of the fortified Reformed Church of vörösberény dates back to the time of Prince Géza, around 990, as the church of St. Martin, built on Roman and Árpád ruins.

The Pannonia Cultural Centre and Library is located in the heart of the city. The Kneipp Institute of Almadi was founded on this site in 1899. As a result of this institute, Almádi was elevated to the status of a spa in 1904. The institute operated until 1924. Then it was demolished and the Pannonia Restaurant and Hotel was built, which stood until 1963. Then the Aurora Restaurant from 1964 to 2003 and finally the present Pannonia Cultural Centre and Library from 2003.  

Quality accommodation

Pleasant, cosily furnished, clean apartments



Sophisticated environment













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Family atmosphere

Modern equipment

Where we are


Balatonalmádi, Tóth Árpád utca 14.
Veszprém county

Phone number: +36 30 400 9059

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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